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Bodegas Viore

A new beginning

Bodegas Viore is a firm commitment that Bodegas Riojanas, S.A. Group makes in the DO Rueda.

The winery is perched on a plot of two hectares on the outskirts of Rueda and 2,500 square meters built have modern equipment for production of grape, mainly Verdejo, with the aim of producing some 700,000 bottles of white wine. The facilities are equally suited to become a benchmark wine tourism in the area.

Los Viñedos

Passion for land

It is preserved the best of the traditional harvest methods and the ancient customs made for centuries, combined with the most innovative of the XXI century as night harvesting. This type of collection is the grape collection system more valued by professionals due to the keeping of the fruit at low temperatures during the whole process, what makes the obtention of higher quality wines.


Rite of obtaining the products of the land

The oldest vineyards are composed of vines over twenty years providing an adult, mature and full of essence grape for a splendid wine production.

Our wines

Bodegas Viore


Tel. +34 941 45 40 50

Bodegas Viore

Calle Miguel Hernández, 31,

47490 Rueda, Valladolid

Bodegas Viore

Bodegas Viore, Miguel Hernández, 31. 47490 Rueda Valladolid